Express your outfit based on your emotion

Styles of emotion, your outfit that matches your mood

One day you are so happy and the next day you are very sad. A normal reality about humans; people have no constant emotions because of their own thoughts. But most of us are better at showing what we feel. Some use the music because they think that music will help them show what they feel through the lyrics of the song they are listening to. Others do the dancing to express an obvious emotion. Arts for those with silent emotions that they want to keep on themselves.

Fashion has something to do with our emotions too. Based on research we dress according to our personality and style, that is true. But we can also use fashion or trendy fashion to express our current emotions.

Say you wake up one morning feeling depressed; Pro Club Crew Neck Fleece is the perfect style for your emotion. You are not forever depressing, but you want to feel that specific feeling without any idea how you could express it without obviously showing it to everyone. Pro Club Crew Neck Fleece of destemart. ae can be an alternative way to express how you feel today since wearing a sweatshirt and other related fashion wears implies down emotions such as feeling sad and depressed.

Are you in a bad mood today? Don’t like to interact with other people and feeling angry because of some reasons that you can’t tell with other people? J.Crew Flutter-Sleeve Shift Dress in Eyelet has an elegant style that will surely suit your current emotion. Yes, aside from its unique style, the color is representing anger and hostility. Express it without hurting the people around you. Wear it.

You just feel complete and whole today and want to enjoy the feeling. This cool outfit, Soleil Short Eco-Leather Jacket will make you feel more complete. It is a midi-length leader black jacket with a zip-up jacket style. Wearing this is such a trendy fashion style for a woman like you.

The North Face Simple Dome Tee is man style graffiti design t-shirt that is just simply perfect for people feeling free without any limitation.

Joy and satisfaction represent a true feeling of happiness; it is such a perfect emotion for an individual that has been through so many struggles and pain. Wearing a casual outfit, Ralph Lauren Patchwork Denim Shirt when you are so overwhelmed with these emotions is such a good choice for you.

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