One of the best baby diaper's in Russia set to launch in the UAE Marketplace

Did you hear about Nappy Club Diaper? If not destemart will give you information for it's best features that you as a mother or a parent will surely love it. 

Diapers PREMIUM New Born


The most important thing in a diaper is an absorbent. It is responsible for keeping your baby dry. In Nappy Club products, only the best absorbents from world leaders in the premium segment: Sumitomo and Shokubai (Japan) Basf (Germany)


Your baby's skin is very delicate. Nappy Club selected only the most natural, eco-friendly and breathable materials


Nappy Club creates the most convenient design. Elastic band and diaper cuffs provide ease of movement for babies, but at the same time, they are well protected from leakage.


Nappy Club excluded extra expenses:

  1. They do not use a lot of color on the diaper and packaging.
  2. They do not spend money on advertising in the media developing a subscription.
  3. Sell only online, saving on rent.

As a result, Nappy Club Diapers are 30% cheaper than analogs.

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We at continue to bring the best product here in the United Arab Emirates at a very affordable price. Quality is our top priority! In addition, Nappy Club has 7 International Certificates of Quality:

Ukas management certificate FDA certificate DQS certificate ISO 50001 certificate ISO 9001 certificate BRC Global Standards Certificate GOST R certification

Check here in our site all the available products of Napp Club Diapers.

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