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Brand NappyClub made two young mothers. Not finding high-quality and affordable diapers on the market, we decided to create them ourselves. The technology for diapers was carefully selected - the softest materials, the most effective components allowed to create a unique product. And you can ensure for yourself:

  • A breathable inner layer lets moisture into the diaper, demonstrating an amazing absorption rate!
  • The air membrane of the inner layer effectively separates the baby’s skin from moisture, creating an air gap between the baby’s skin - with NappyClub, your baby is not afraid of diaper rash and redness!
  • The main component of the diaper – loose wood pulp from Canada and superabsorbent (Sumitomo) from Japan allows the diaper to absorb up to 500 ml of liquid! Your baby and you will sleep well all night!
  • Diapers are made of hypoallergenic materials, do not have fragrances, paints.

Nappy Club Diapers

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