Sell with us! |

Who can sell with us?

We are accepting application for individuals with Emirates ID and registered businesses all over the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

What is the allowable number of SKU’s to list with us?

For individuals – we will allow you to sell maximum of 5 unique SKU’s only. For businesses – 20 unique SKU’s (preferably bestsellers items)

Seller should list brand new product/s only, strictly no used and refurbished items. Seller should have physical inventories when going live on our platform. Seller is required to update their listed product on our platform regularly: Availability Pricing No counterfeit and non-genuine products

We strictly follow the policies of Dubai Economy (DED) selling counterfeit and non-genuine products will results to revoking your rights to sell on our platform and we will take legal action to those sellers who disregard this policy. Cancellation and Late Fulfillment

Once an order is placed by a customer to any of your listed products, you have to fulfill the order. Cancelling any order from your end after the order is submitted by the customer will be subject for account review if you can still continue to sell to our platform. You are also expected to prepare your product as per the product preparation time-frame that you have specified for your product without delays. Seller is the responsible in sending the product in our fulfillment center, you may use courier or drop-off your products in our location. Listing Requirements

Product Image Size: 500 x 500 px White Background Format: .jpg, .jpeg and .png Images can be shared through Google drive or any online storage platform Our team will email the file to fill the required details; seller is expected to fill the details in the most accurate manner.