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Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare by Activision - PlayStation 4

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare by Activision is a modern space war, FPS title. COD Infinite Warfare will keep you engaged till the last second.The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare by Activision for PlayStation 4, NTSC is an action packed, first person shooter game set in post apocalyptic modern setting. You are a special operations pilot and leading a team of skilled warfare agents, taking out piece by piece a brutal, fascist army. The narrative is slick and fast paced. You, as the leader, face an array of difficult battle situations and interplanetary missions that will engage you till the last moment. Choose from a wide range of automatic, energy fueled, and ballistic weapons, and win your battles by engaging in a fast paced, modern space war. The Call of Duty PS4 game also has multiplayer and zombie modes.



Brand: Activision


Platform: PlayStation 4


Region: Region 1


Game Name: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Type: Action

Call of Duty


This IW Call of Duty 2016 game introduces three distinct modes, viz Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies. Campaign includes a novel, graphically immense setting of outer space and rich gameplay mechanics. In this mode, you are assigned the role of Captain Nick Reyes, a Tier 1 Special Operations pilot operating the transforming fighter jet, the Jackal. Through Retribution Center, the central hub, players can check their game progress, play campaigns, and get involved in secondary quests called Ship Assaults, which let you make upgrades to the Jackal and unlock new story details.

Call of Duty


In the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, you can select from six rigs that have different payloads, weapons, and styles. Here the players can perform thrust jumps, sliding, and wall running similar to Black Ops III. The immersive gameplay of each of the modes features loads of primary and secondary weapons, and lets players earn Salvage points, which can be used for purchasing prototype weapons or variants of in game weapons. The zombie mode, unlike the other two modes, doesn’t have a space setting and has a new storyline with different game mechanics.

Call of Duty


The story of COD Infinite Warfare unfolds with an outer space background. The resources on Earth are fast depleting because of population growth and industrialization. Efforts to explore territories and space outside Earth gives rise to United Nations Space Alliance, better known as UNSA. The group starts to colonize other planets in the Solar System and starts trading, mining for resources, and adopting other commercial businesses. Meanwhile, an attack is being hatched by Settlement Defense Front, a fascist military group, which seceded from UNSA during a war. You as Captain Reyes must lead the coalition forces and defeat the relentless enemy with one of Earth’s last remaining warships and take charge of Retribution.