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  • Nappy Club Premium Diapers Medium (M), 6-11kg, 64 pcs
  • Nappy Club Premium Diapers Medium (M), 6-11kg, 64 pcs
  • Nappy Club Premium Diapers Medium (M), 6-11kg, 64 pcs
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Nappy Club Premium Diapers Medium (M), 6-11kg, 64 pcs

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NappyClub Premium diapers are incredibly thin and at the same time well absorbing, with an indicator of moisture - you can at any time determine the degree of fullness of the diaper without disturbing the baby. Very soft to the touch, comfortable and reliable to use - will not let you down at the most inopportune moment.

1. Comfortable elastic band. Ideal to sit, not too tight, easy to remove and correct even restless children.

2. Breathable layers with air ducts. Preserve sensitive baby skin from irritation and rash.

3. Super absorbent (SUMITOMO, Japan) Instantly removes moisture from the baby’s skin and keeps it dry.

4. Soft cuffs for legs with protection against leakage. Provide the maximum convenience of movements to your kid.

5. Pleasant natural materials. Give silky comfort and tranquility

6. Moisture indicator. Shows when to change the diaper.

Quantity in a Pack: 64 pieces


Polymeric superabsorbent (Sumitomo, Japan), fluff pulp, paper, nonwoven materials, elastic band, polyethylene, glue.

Packaging is successfully recycled in Russia. Plastic marking: 4 LDPE.

7 international certificates of quality
Ukas management certificate FDA certificate DQS certificate ISO 50001 certificate ISO 9001 certificate BRC Global Standards Certificate GOST R certification