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Sapphire Radeon Nitro R9 390
Sapphire Radeon Nitro R9 390
Sapphire Radeon Nitro R9 390
Sapphire Radeon Nitro R9 390

Sapphire Radeon Nitro R9 390

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SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon ™ R9 390 8G D5

 Intelligent Fan Control (IFC-II) SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390 light load. It has been shown that it can be used to make it possible to ensure that it can be used as a vehicle. Based on the latest GCN architecture from AMD, the SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390X supports DirectX 12, TrueAudio, AMD FreeSync, LiquidVR and Ultra HD.

Double ball bearings

Double ball bearings in the design of the fans ensure their smooth start-up, long service life and protect against dust. The design of the bearings in combination with the efficient shape of the fan blades ensures quiet operation of the cooling system.

10 mm heat pipe

Copper heat pipes with a diameter of 10 mm are 53% more efficient than heat pipes with a diameter of 8 mm. One 10 mm tube capable of diverting 90 W in contrast to a tube with a diameter of 8 mm, designed for 65 W. A cooling system that combines one tube with a diameter of 10 mm, two tubes with a diameter of 8 mm and two tubes of 6 mm allows for 300 watts of power.

Black Diamond Chokes

Throttles are important components of a video card. Developed in collaboration with component manufacturers, the Sapphire Black Diamond chokes are 10% cooler and 25% more energy efficient than conventional chokes. This makes the video card more reliable and saves energy.

Capacitors with a service life of 16,000 hours

High-quality solid-state capacitors ensure long life of the video card. High reliability and effective overclocking are possible only when using high polymer aluminum capacitors, which are superior in efficiency to conventional capacitors and increase the life of the video card. For example, with a decrease in the working temperature by 20 ° C, the resource increases by 10 times, and with an increase of 20 ° C it is reduced only by 10%.

Two BIOS modes

This video card supports both standard Legacy BIOS and UEFI. By default, the card will work in Legacy mode. Click the button with the SAPPHIRE logo on the video card to switch to UEFI mode.

  • Secure boot

    SAPPHIRE video cards with Dual BIOS support are equipped with Microsoft-approved UEFI software for accelerated, safe boot of the operating system (“Secure Boot”). When using the Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1 operating system, Secure Boot prevents malware from running before the operating system is loaded. Secure Boot, supporting only secure applications.
  • Fast loading

    Compared to Legacy BIOS, loading and resuming work at UEFI is much faster.

Intellectual control system of fans II

The intelligent fan control system allows you to automatically adjust the noise level - it slows down or stops the fans completely with a small load and starts them again when the load increases.

DirectX® 12

DirectX® 12 is the latest version of the Microsoft® graphics API, which provides game developers with more efficient access to hardware. Game developers can take advantage of the DX12 to increase the number of frames, improve image quality, reduce latency for virtual reality (VR) devices, or balance the possibilities. Regardless of the choice of AMD graphics card developers, players can enjoy DirectX® 12 support.

AMD FreeSync ™ Technology

No delay. No artifacts. Just a game.

AMD FreeSync ™ technology allows a compatible graphics card and monitor to dynamically change FPS to achieve the perfect picture.

Standard Displayport

AMD FreeSync ™ uses the capabilities of the standard DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync protocol to get a smooth frame transition on a monitor without artifacts and delays with the highest possible performance and comfort.

  • AMD FreeSync ™ synchronizes the frame rate of your monitor and the displayed image regardless of how different they are.
  • Monitor manufacturers check compatibility with AMD drivers.

AMD Eyefinity Technology

Support multi-monitor configurations for games, work and multimedia entertainment.

We will take you beyond the bounds of conventional monitors. AMD Eyefinity is a technology whereby an image from a single video card can be displayed on multiple screens. This will make the gameplay more exciting, and the workflow more convenient and efficient (on average, 42% or more in some scenarios).

A new level of immersion in the game and realism. Modern games look great on three monitors, but only solutions based on AMD Radeon ™ graphics will allow you to play on five at once. You can create your own configuration using up to 6 displays simultaneously.

AMD Crossfire ™ 

Use the power of multiple GPUs

AMD Crossfire ™ technology is designed to create powerful gaming stations with multiple video cards. It allows you to use in one bundle 2 or more video cards to achieve the highest PC performance. AMD Crossfire ™ works for video cards of different price ranges. The flexible setting allows you to choose how many video cards — two, three or four — combine to create an ideal system.

Introducing AMD LiquidVR Technology

LiquidVR ™ is an AMD initiative aimed at creating a comfortable and realistic virtual reality by maintaining a presence effect in which situations, objects or characters in the virtual world seem real. Developed in close collaboration with leading technology partners ecosystems, the software and hardware optimizations of LiquidVR ™ technology allow you to cope with common drawbacks of virtual reality, such as reducing the delay time of signal transmission from movement to a photon below 10 milliseconds. This is an important step towards solving the main difficulties, for example, seasickness, which can occur when you turn your head in the virtual world, sometimes even a few milliseconds is not enough to display a new perspective.

Improved Unified Video Decoder 3 (UVD 3)

See the hottest news from the world of movies in Full HD or higher resolutions! Enjoy the highest quality picture with the improved UVD 3 video decoder, which offloads the CPU, making your system quieter, colder and more balanced.

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